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Missing at the NY Auto Show - The iPod

Last week the TuneVroom team spent some time at the New York Auto Show scoping out the latest in iPod car integration.

To our surprise, we found very little in terms of automakers touting iPod integration as a selling feature. There was virtually no mention of iPod integration and no "Made For iPod" logos on any windshields. This was in direct contrast to the many XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio banners found throughout the show.

When we asked vendors directly, a few mentioned that some of their cars did have a dealer installed iPod option available. But that, oddly enough, was the extent of it.

With millions of iPods in circulation, we would have thought this would have been a no-brainer for most car makers. People want to listen to their iPod everywhere - including in their cars.

We know many car makers do offer factory iPod integration (Apple even has a page dedicated to iPod car integration and TuneVroom has covered various manufacturer solutions).

So why the disconnect? Are the automakers under-estimating the demand for this feature? Would you be influenced in you next car purchase, knowing you could easily plug-and-go with your iPod? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tue, 04/25/2006 - 4:42pm

idude said,

I would be influenced, for sure.

Tue, 04/25/2006 - 7:05pm

Anonymous (not verified) said,

My next car HAS to have iPod integration. So yes it WILL influence my next car purchase. Listen up automakers!!

Thu, 04/27/2006 - 11:02am

Predrag Vasić (not verified) said,

The omnipresence of XM radio and Sirius must have had something to do with it. While I have no hard evidence, it would be very logical if these satellite radios' sponsorship contract with teh auto show had a clause somewhere that precluded automakers from advertising iPod integration. Unfortunately, it shows misplaced expectations (that the radio advertising/sponsorship would bring greater revenue than advertising iPod integration out of your own pocket). Time will tell, but all they might be able to do is sell a few more satellite radio dealer options. If they had advertised iPod integration, they would have sold more cars instead. I doubt that car makers make as much money selling other people's satellite radios as they do selling their own cars...

Thu, 04/27/2006 - 8:32pm

Anonymous (not verified) said,

Automakers have to do only one thing: license the itunes software from Apple and integrate it into their head units. Have a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 screen that mirrors the display of your ipod. Plug your ipod into a dock in the glove box--digital connection and recharging. It's really quite simple.

I can't believe automakers have been so slow to integrate iPods. I guess all the middle aged designers just don't get it.

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